Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

This is a really big topic which has relevance under a variety of headings when bringing a scheme together. 

Location is one such consideration and an important measuring tool used by planners to agree the principle of a scheme and its connection to all society offers.  Additionally, buildings can be designed in order to create a low impact on the planet, both by using easily renewed materials and systems to reduce the use of energy.

WWD feels strongly about this and believes such solutions can be affordable and pleasant to occupy.

WWD was therefore delighted to host a visiting party from Dartmoor National Park recently at one of its residential schemes.  The Park were very interested in the design approaches adopted, the sustainable platform on which the building stood and the low energy consumption characteristics, by design.  Dartmoor wish to encourage more architecture of this type and found the home of great interest as well as being an excellent reference point. 

We deploy these methods on regular occasions using timber frame construction, recycled materials and the generation of hot water by dual fuel systems featuring woodburning and large thermal mass tanks.  With appropriate levels of glass for light and solar heat and a low electricity consumption, these buildings can be very cheap to run and within the reach of many people. 

Hopefully, the images help illustrate that such homes and other buildings can be wonderful spaces and very much design led in their appearance. 


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